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Recognized as one of the Caribbean’s most brilliant minds, Rodney’s scholarly works and political activism engendered a new political consciousness.  His Ph.D. thesis, A History of the Upper Guinea Coast, and his seminal work, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, illustrated his duality as an intellectual and activist as he challenged prevailing assumptions about African history and put forth his own ideas and models for analyzing the history of oppressed peoples.

Walter Rodney provided a new construct for development theory and established a framework for analyzing current global socio-economic and political issues; thus becoming one of the first to bring a different perspective to the question of underdevelopment in Africa.

Rodney’s ability to combine his scholarship with activism enabled him to become a voice for the under-represented and disenfranchised and distinguished him from his academic colleagues. His selfless commitment to the struggles for the liberation of working people in Guyana and other parts of the African Diaspora continue to be honored today.