Notice and Disclaimer

The Rodney Family and the Walter Rodney Foundation are issuing the following disclaimer to preserve the legacy of Dr. Walter Rodney.

As the disclaimer notes, there are statements made within the film that we disagree with.  Close friends, colleagues, contemporaries and associates of Dr. Rodney also disagree with those statements.  In addition, Dr. Rodney is not here to state his own position. Furthermore, the lives and livelihoods of those involved in the struggle are irrevocably intertwined and affected by said statements.

We are circulating the notice and disclaimer, in addition to posting it on the Foundation website, because it is our understanding that it is not being posted or declared on a consistent basis when the film is shown.

Notice and Disclaimer about W.A.R. Stories: Walter Anthony Rodney

 The views expressed in W.A.R. Stories: Walter Anthony Rodney and related publications, communications are solely and respectively those of the Producer, Filmmaker and Writer Clairmont Chung and those of the individual narrators and/or interviewees as they so state.

On information and belief, the film’s credits note that the Walter Rodney Foundation collaborated on the film.  The Walter Rodney Foundation did not collaborate on this project and has requested that the producer/filmmaker cease and desist from using the name of the Foundation and remove its reference therefrom.

The Rodney family, in part, was interviewed during the earlier phase of the film’s research, but did not review, edit, accept or release the final product.  The statements made by the family within the production are clear and limited in both time and context.  The inclusion of interviews of the family does not infer, presume or conclude that the family concurs, agrees or otherwise supports the film, in part or in its entirety.

Both the Walter Rodney Foundation and the Rodney Family disagree with statements made by one or more of the interviewees and the inferences and conclusions that are or can be drawn therefrom.  The Walter Rodney Foundation and The Rodney family have requested that this disclaimer, in whole or in part, be noted and reproduced whenever and wherever the film is promoted, reviewed, shown or shared, to the extent it is within the control of the producer/filmmaker, its agents, successors and assigns.

In addition, the Walter Rodney Foundation and the Rodney Family assume no responsibility or liability, direct or indirect, arising from the content of the film, its reviews, publications, communications and archives for any error, defamation, libel, slander, omission, falsehood, danger, or inaccuracy contained in any such information.